Secure passwords, simply

Save time and hassle, sign in easily to the websites you use every day and never go through another password reset procedure.

Protect yourself and people you know from the nightmare of your accounts being hacked.

One strong password protects all your passwords using the latest secure encryption technology.

Start securing your online world now! 14 day free trial with no payment details required. Then £2 per month.

Kee Vault is currently in a public "beta" phase. We've opened up for public subscriptions because we are already confident in the security of Kee Vault but you should read more about why we're labelling the service as "beta" at the moment.

Why Kee Vault?

Protect all your online and offline accounts
Use any modern device or web browser, even when offline (including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and others)
Open Source protection
Unlike most password managers you can prove that your data is stored securely
Save time
Avoid typing your passwords and waiting for reset emails; unique passwords for all of your accounts means only changing one password if that website suffers a security breach
Generate strong passwords
Every password you use should be long and complicated; because Kee Vault remembers them for you, it can create very long and highly secure passwords for you
Unique secure passwords for every website
If one website leaks a password, your other accounts will not be affected
Web browser integration
Automatically fill and save passwords for each website using the free Kee browser extension
Latest security protection
Added protection from the latest Argon2 technology for greater protection than existing PBKDF2-based password managers
Enhanced master password protection
If your Kee Vault master password is not quite as strong as it could be, we'll automatically enable increased security for your Vault
Protected (encrypted) standard format exports
It's your data so you can take it with you if you leave. Save a backup of your Vault whenever and wherever you want
Import from your old password manager
Including fully encrypted import from KeePass Password Safe 2
Protection against mistakes
Old versions of each entry allow you to recover from accidents
Securely attach small files
Up to 10MB total Vault size

Kee Vault is a new and unique step forward in password management from a company with over 10 years of experience developing secure password management solutions. Combined with the careful selection of open source cryptography components to complement the Kee Vault service, you can rest assured that despite the "beta" label, there is good reason to have confidence in the app today.

Until the Premium subscription options are launched, all Supporters get access to all newly developed features for those tiers (see the Kee Vault Ltd home page for full details of our current plans for these future tiers).

Independent opinions

Saves me a lot of time, and no more lost passwords. Perfect. 11 out of 10.
Simple to use and configure.
Best password manager ever!

* These opinions come from users of the Kee browser extension.